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Globalization demands to the firms that want to be successful in the global arena to be motivated, highly creative, and innovative, in order to confront the challenges, hazards and opportunities created by the fast occurrence of global events.

The new global configuration of the world economy provides us, at Grupo Texo, with numerous possibilities of analysis and reflection.

Grupo Texo, with its team of young professionals, is convinced of the need to respond to the challenges originated by wider, more competitive, and less protected environments.

At Grupo Texo, we see the future as a challenge, but at the same time as a big opportunity to participate in the housing development of Mexico. Through its branches,

Grupo Texo participates in Urban, Turistic, and Mixed development projects, Financial Services and Construction.

Grupo Texo is proud of creating a business synergy that responds to the high expectations of profitable projects with significant value added that investors desire.

At Grupo Texo, we are aware that these new times on the world economy, require for us to be highly professional, creative, constant, and motivated.

This is our approach, and we are proud to make extensive our invitation to our partners, clients, and employees for participating with a creative, positive and critical attitude to the challenges of the new century.